Gitzo’s new Légende “forever repairable” tripod & backpack aims to end throwaway culture

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The Gitzo Légende tripod and backpack teased last week has now been officially announced. In what might be a strange turn for a company like Gitzo, the new kit is being launched via Indiegogo. Unlike a lot of crowdfunding platform campaigns, though, given who’s running this one, I think we can be pretty sure this one will deliver.

The Légende is a 2-part kit, comprised of a lightweight carbon fibre tripod and backpack. It takes a somewhat new eco-friendly approach to product design for the photography industry, with the backpack being composed of primarily recycled materials and the tripod having an unlimited warranty with 100% replaceable parts (and 70% of them can be shipped out and replaced by the user).

Gitzo says that the Légende tripod is built for a lifetime of adventures, and it comes with an unlimited warranty, billing it as “forever repairable”. 100% of the parts on the tripod are replaceable with 70% of them being replaceable by the user. This means that in a lot of cases, they can just ship you out a replacement part and you can get yourself back up and running again in no time.

It’s part of Gitzo’s commitment to having a low environmental impact with the products. Why throw a tripod out and buy a new one if it can be repaired easily? Especially if it can be done by the owner themselves? Gitzo has also released a care and maintenance video explaining how to keep your tripod in tip top shape.

As far as the tripod’s specs, they look a little something like this.

Max Payload 8kg
Closed length 43cm
Max height 165cm
Min height 43cm
Leg Angles 25°, 70°
Leg material Carbon Fibre
Leg Lock Twist Lock
Leg Sections 4
Head type Ball head
Panoramic rotation 360°
Front and lateral tilt -90° / +40°
Weight 1.45kg

The backpack follows through with the eco-friendly approach, with an outer shell made of 100% recycled polyester, with 65% of the entire bag by weight being made from recycled materials. It features Eco Leather straps, made of non-toxic synthetic leather. And like the tripod, the backpack is also designed to be lightweight while offering great performance.

Yup, there’s a care and maintenance video for the bag, too!

And to further give back to the planet, Gitzo says that 5% of the sales from the Légende Indiegogo campaign will contribute towards the development of Gitzo’s Wild Shots Outreach educational programme. This goal of the programme is to educate children bordering the Kruger National Park in South Africa about conservation and photography, also bringing new jobs to the area.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Gitzo Légende tripod & backpack kit launches today with Super Early Bird deals starting at $699 for a triple-pack including the Légende tripod & backpack as well as a Gitzo Mini Traveller (limited to 100). Backers can expect their items to ship in June 2021. The final retail price on the Légende tripod & backpack once it goes retail will be around $1,028.

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