Photos leak for DJI’s rumored 4K, 60P, 150 km/h cinematic FPV drone

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A while back, DJI made some FPV race drones, goggles, and remote. It had the unimaginative name of  Digital FPV System and cyborg look. This product line opened up DJI to the racing segment of the drone market. It only feels natural that DJI will take a swing at merging their racing drone line with their cinema drone line. And what do you know? Photos of this synergy hybrid just leaked.

The Verge spotted 2 tweets from OsitaLV that just might be DJI’s new drone, package included!

OsitaLV is a leaking force in the industry, so we tend to take his leaks seriously (Please read that last sentence in the spirit that I wrote it). The Verge reminds us that not so long ago, OsitaLV had an accurate leak for the  DJI Pocket 2 four days before it was announced, and some possible  Mavic Pro 3. So yea, we are curious.

The Verge also notes that just last month Brendan Schulman, DJI’s Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs, teased some more gear for 2020:

This FPV drone is rumored to have a 150 km/h speed (93 mph), and is equipped with a 4K 60FPS camera. With no price or release date, all that’s left is to hope that the stabilizer can hold up.

[via The Verge]

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