Sigma fp L images leak ahead of anticipated March 23rd announcement

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In what will come as a massive shock to absolutely nobody, Nokishita has managed to get their hands on photos of the upcoming Sigma fp L mirrorless camera ahead of its official announcement expected next week on March 23rd. And in a further act of defiant predictability, they’ve posted them to Twitter.

As well as the Sigma fp L camera itself, they also have photos of the strange-looking modular EVF-11 electronic viewfinder, which bolts onto the side of the camera instead of sitting on top.

The camera body itself look… relatively normal. At least by Sigma standards. It looks pretty much the same as the original Sigma fp. The sensor, however, is expected to be something a little special. No, it’s still not a proper Foveon, but it is expected to house a sensor with a colour filter array similar to the Super CCD tech Fuji used to use in their DSLRs.

But the modular nature of the Sigma fp gets even weirder with the Sigma fp L as the EVF-11 electronic viewfinder seems to show. It plugs into the HDMI, USB and other ports on the side of the camera, potentially housing a full-sized HDMI underneath a little door marked “HDMI cover”. But it also has a tilting EVF on top, too.

There doesn’t seem to be any word yet on an anticipated price for the Sigma fp L camera, tlhoguh the EVF-11 electronic viewfinder is rumoured to be somewhere around $690. Seems an awful lot for a bolt-on extra, but perhaps this will make up for a lower price on the body itself so that Sigma can try to keep it competitive. If this is the case, it’ll be very handy for those looking to shoot video – for which the original Sigma fp is no slouch!

A number of other accessories are also expected to be announced alongside the camera and the EVF-11 on March 23rd. And even though it’s not going to house a Foveon sensor, it’s probably the most intriguing camera Sigma will have released in the past decade or so – at least from the rumours and leaks so far.

We’ll let you know more on Tuesday! Or, sooner if Nokishita manages to get their hands on the entire spec sheet (which also wouldn’t be much of a surprise).

[via Nokishita]

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