These 22 “street photography” pictures are just what you need if you are in lockdown

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In this gloomy time, I think we all need a bit of laughter, but also a bit of inspiration to start observing the world around us. Hong Kong-based photographer Edas Wong brings humor and street photography together. His “accidental” photos will give you the giggles I’m sure you need, but also motivate you to get outside with your camera and look at the world from another point of view.

Edas describes himself as a day-dreamer with lots of imagination. “There are many surreal scenes which happen around us,” he says. And what we need to do is just stop staring at our phones, go outside, observe, and then click. He turned his street photography into a meditative experience. After all, I’ve heard from many photographers that they observe photography as a form of meditation, and I’m also one of them. Edas always tries to be present at the moment, focus on the street and on what’s going on around him. Only this way, he can spot those quirky moments that he captures in his images.

Edas told Bored Panda that he has been into street photography since 2012. “The reason why I chose this particular type of photography as opposed to any other is quite simple, actually. I didn’t need to learn an advanced technique or have expensive gear; just my small camera. Ideal for a beginner.”

“When I am shooting, it’s all instinctual, I do not plan my shots,” he told Bored panda. “I just go out there and enjoy everything around me.”

Check out more of Edas’ awesome photos below, and follow his work on his website, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.

[via Bored Panda]

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