These magical slo-mo macro videos reveal the hidden beauty of everyday objects

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I always say that macro photography helps us reveal a whole new world even in the most mundane, everyday objects. But if you pair extreme close-ups with video and slow motion… Well, you get a whole new level of beauty.

Macrofying, a 21-year-old macro photographer from Germany, combines all of these techniques. They zoom into the depths of everyday objects to reveal whole new worlds and show us things like candles, lighters, sand, or popcorn in an entirely new light.

I first discovered Macroflying through this macro video of a popcorn popping. I thought it was mesmerizing on its own.

As I always do, I took a look at some other works – and I liked them even more! I mean, just look at this: smoke filmed in a macro, slow motion video.

In this photo, you can see the setup used to create this shot:

And here are some of my absolute favorite works from this photographer, both video and stills:


#macro #microscope #zoom #foryoupage #macrofying #nature #flower #plants

♬ Originalton – Macrofying


#macro #microscope #zoom #viral #macrozoom #coffee #drink #morning

♬ Originalton – Macrofying


#macro #microscope #zoom #viral #macrozoom #cereal #breakfast #food

♬ Originalton – Macrofying

You can follow Macrofying on Instagram, TikTok (maybe on Tinstatok soon, who knows), YouTube, and Twitter, and trust me – you’ll enjoy your time on social media a little more if you do it.

[via Laughing Squid]

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