You can now see Smithsonian Museum’s exhibitions through Instagram AR

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Since we can’t really visit many places nowadays, there are solutions that let us experience them at least virtually. And now, you can even do it through Instagram. The platform has added exhibitions from the Smithsonian Museum and two other museums to its AR effects lineup, so you can “visit” exhibitions from your phone.

Other than Smithsonian, Instagram has also paired with the Palace of Versailles and Le Grand Palais in France. You can access the AR features of all three museums by visiting their Instagram profiles (the ones I’ve linked) and accessing the effects tab in each of them.

I don’t think the AR experience could replace the real-life walk through a museum. Despite the crowds of tourists, I will always prefer the live experience. But still, we shouldn’t disregard the AR versions. First of all, they let you zoom in and see the details of the museums’ content via the in-app camera. And also, there are no huge crowds, which is always a plus if you ask me.

[via Engadget]

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